​​​​  Hira Munir Abro is a documentary photographer born...
Hira Munir Abro is a documentary photographer born in Sindh, Pakistan. She is a management graduate from the University of Karachi. Her work focuses on cultural identity, material histories, and the ever-changing social dynamics that affect the narrative of shared cultures and belief systems.

Hira is a Fellow alumnus at VII Academy, which is the education wing of VII Photo, and a fellow in the Foundry International Photojournalism 2023 workshop. She worked as an Assistant Director (regional) in the feature documentary film "Indus Rising" in 2023. The documentary was based on the impact of climate change on women in Sindh. Hira was also awarded the Pakistan Photo Festival fellowship in 2021 to pursue her ethnographic project titled, "Somewhere in Between." The project is about her retracing footprints to her forgotten identity. She has also worked as a contributor to Al-Jazeera short stories in her region.

Hira Munir Abro

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